Fundraising Posters

These images show the posters used by Sustaining All Life in our booths in the Blue and the Green Zones at COP27. We are making these posters available for you to use, in exchange for a donation (if you can). You can have the posters printed locally and you may also use them digitally. Each poster was created in English and translated into one of the other official languages of the United Nations — Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish.

Click on PDF to see a larger view and to download the print-ready PDF. Donate here (suggested donation $15-$100 per poster)

Poster 5-English 20×15″ PDF
Poster 5-Russian 20×15″ PDF
Poster 8-Chinese 20×15″ PDF
Poster 7-Arabic 15×20″ PDF
Poster 6-French 15×20″ PDF
Poster 8-English/Arabic 20×15″ PDF
Poster 1-English 20×28″ PDF
Poster 2-English 20×28″ PDF
Poster 3-English 20×28″ PDF
Poster 6-English 15×20″ PDF
Poster 4-English 20×15″ PDF
Poster 5-Spanish 20×15″ PDF
Poster 4-Spanish 20×15″ PDF
Poster 7-English 15×20″ PDF
Poster 3-French 20×28″ PDF
Image 01 Image 01 Image 01