Our Story

Sustaining All Life was at COP28, and held events from December 4 – 10 in the Blue Zone.

Sustaining All Life has attended the United Nations Climate Conferences (Conferences of the Parties or COPs) every year since the 2015 COP in Paris. The COPs were in Marrakech, Morocco (COP22 in 2016); Bonn, Germany (COP23 in 2017); Katowice, Poland (COP24 in 2018); Madrid, Spain (COP25 in 2019); Glasgow, Scotland (COP26 in 2021) and Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt (COP27 in 2022)

We have also participated in many other climate conferences (more recently online). These include the London Climate Action Week (2023), New York Climate Action Summit (2019, 2020 , 2022 and 2023 ),Earth Day Live! (2021), Earth Day Initiative Virtual Festival (2021), From the Ground Up (2020), and the Global Climate Action Summit (2018).

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