A community for water protectors, artists and activists who are strengthening our climate justice movements.

An initiatve of Sustaining All Life. *Tubig means water in Tagalog.


our stories, art & climate justice


relationships through listening exchanges


artwork that moves us into action


shifts in our climate justice movements


our stories, art & climate justice

May kalakhan tayo.

A drop of water has magnitude. Connected to other drops of water, its magnitude multiplies.

Art is a powerful way we connect, communicate, inspire, mobilize masses of people to end the climate emergency and transform the world. 

This project is an opportunity to bring together artists, activists and people who care about water. 

We hope to explore our relationship to water, deepen our connections and build our communities.

We invite you to connect, cultivate, create and catalyze shifts in our movements. 

Artwork featured in the gallery may be used in support of listening projects, actions and movement building to end the climate emergency.

Consider submitting your artwork and be a part of our virtual climate justice gallery.

“We Want to Live: Our Water, Art
& Climate Justice Movements” in September 2021.

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relationships through listening exchanges

Buhay na buhay tayo!

When we decide to fully be connected and alive, our magnitude shows up in the world.

How do we work together to end the climate emergency?

Some of us have limited access to water. Some too much. Some have had our water stolen, privatized, contaminated. Some are permanently losing our water source.

  • What is your relationship to water?
  • What is your people and/or community’s relationship to water?
  • How do oppressions and your relationship to water impact how you experience the climate crisis?
  • What new perspectives, creative solutions and climate justice actions might you offer?

To face and turn around this crisis, we need to build strong relationships.  

In Sustaining All Life, we take turns sharing and listening to each other in an intentional way. We call these listening exchanges. Whether we are similar or different, we can connect with each other, human to human.

This process helps us think more clearly, act more powerfully and reduces the divisions caused by oppression of different peoples.

Intentional listening is a tool that can help us create art collaboratively.

Excerpt from “Expressing Climate Grief”
workshop in September 2020.

Excerpt from “Jews and Climate Justice: Building a United Front” workshop in September 2020.

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artwork that moves us into action

Artists create possibilities, invent and transform. Many are calling for action, building awareness, organizing and communicating ideas in ways that reach and inspire people. We are a central part of strengthen our climate justice movements.

May kapangyarihan tayo!

When we make art and decide to use our creative mind, our magnitude moves the world.

Art to end the climate emergency communicates the reality of the situation: the heartbreak of loss, devastation, and destruction, and the possibility of repair, recovery, equity, and community, of restoring our connection to ourselves, each other, and the world around us.

We invite you to submit your artwork. You may choose to share work to inspire action or to provide space for healing and reflection.

We hope to curate and uplift the art made by people from frontline communities. This may include people of color, indigenous peoples, women, young people, no or low income people, and/or those who live in the Global South. If you belong to any of these communities and would like support in submitting artwork, please contact us. All artwork will be considered.

For more information, review our timeline of events and deadlines. Thank you for your interest!

Artwork Submission


  • For images, please upload files in jpg, png, or gif format.
  • Images will be displayed with a maximum size of 800 (width) x 600 pixels (height).
  • For audio, please upload files in mp3 format.
  • For songs, please include lyrics in the artwork description
  • For video submissions, please share a link to YouTube or Vimeo.
  • You may submit up to 3 images/files for a single art work
  • Maximum total file size is 3 MB (3,000 KB).
  • If you have multiple artworks to submit, please fill out this form again for each work.
  • If you are under 18, please have a guardian fill in this permission form.
  • See our Tubig Events & Timeline for details on gallery launch, submission deadlines, and climate justice art events.
  • Questions? Send us a message.

    [mfile tubig-submission limit:3000000 filetypes:jpg|gif|png|jpeg|doc|docx|ppt|pptx min-file:0 max-file:3]

    [checkbox* art-permission use_label_element "*Yes, I give Sustaining All Life my permission to publish my artwork in the SAL Gallery. (For artists 18 and under, a guardian must also complete the "Young Artist Permission to Publish)"]


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    shifts in our climate justice movements

    We invite you to slow down the urgency of capitalism and engage in the climate justice art gallery. 

    The power of art to organize, connect and inspire has always put artists at the forefront of revolutions and social movements.

    While exploring the artwork, consider having a person in your life with you.  We encourage you to use paired listening exchanges.

    • How does the artwork move you?
    • What ways do you feel connected to this artwork? 
    • How might the artist’s perspective add to yours?
    • How might capitalism and oppression inform the way you connect to this artwork?
    • What new ways might you consider taking action to end the climate emergency?

    We’d love to hear how you are using artwork in this gallery. Please share your movement building story.

    Movement Building Story Submission

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