A community for water protectors, artists and activists who are strengthening our climate justice movements.

An initiatve of Sustaining All Life. *Tubig means water in Tagalog.

Making a Listening Exchange Booklet

AL Caballes, Amanda Ayala and Nikki Berry

Tubig Artists at the Center — nearest ocean:  Northern Pacific
Indigenous / Native Heritage, Latin / Central / South American Heritage, Pacific Islander, European Heritage, Adult (31 - 49 years old), Older Adult (50 and over)

About the art

This video is a "how to" assemble the SAL Tubig Listening Exchange booklet. Video and demonstration by Amanda Ayala. Music by ItsWatR from Pixabay. Produced by AL Caballes. Text and images are a collaboration by AL Caballes, Amanda Ayala and Nikki Berry.

Download and print Sustaining All Life's Tubig Artists at the Center Listening Exchange Booklet:

To face this crisis and resolve it, we need to build strong relationships. As part of Sustaining All Life , we take turns sharing and listening to others intentionally. We call this listening exchanges. Whether we are similar or different, we can connect to each other, human to human.

This process helps us think more clearly, act more powerfully, and reduce the divisions caused by the oppression of different peoples.

Intentional listening is a tool that can help us create collaborative art.

About the artist

Art is a powerful way to connect, communicate, inspire us, massively mobilize people to end the climate emergency and transform the world.

This project is an opportunity to bring together artists, activists and people who care about water.

We hope to explore our relationship to water, deepen our connections and build our communities.

We invite you to connect, cultivate, create and catalyze change in our movements.

Artwork featured in the gallery can be used to support listening projects, actions and movement building to end the climate emergency.

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