A community for water protectors, artists and activists who are strengthening our climate justice movements.

An initiatve of Sustaining All Life. *Tubig means water in Tagalog.

Tubig Events & Timeline

Our intention was to have this open by July 23, 2022

Our all volunteer team has experienced some challenges that has delayed the opening of our gallery but it is very close!

Feel free to contact us if you want to receive an email when it has launched.

We hope to feature the artists and their artwork in online workshops at the New York Climate Week and COP 27. We are looking forward to having you join us!

The online gallery will be officially open to the general public. Participants are encouraged to view the artwork and consider sharing a movement building story.

New Artwork Submissions Welcome


Artwork submissions are welcome at any time of the year. We encourage you to submit your artwork. Future dates will be posted regularly. Submission deadlines inform artists when their artwork may be considered for the gallery. Questions are welcome, please contact us.


Artwork Submission Deadline for July Exhibit

July 2, 2022

People from frontline communities who have missed this deadline may still be able to be included, depending on our capacity leading up to the opening. Please contact us for support, or go ahead and submit your artwork.

Artists & Artworks Finalized for July Exhibit

July 10, 2022

Artists who have submitted artwork by July 2, 2022 will be informed and appreciated for their contribution to the climate justice gallery.

Tubig Artists at the Center project launch

November 12, 2021

A new initiative of Sustaining All Life / United to End Racism, the project was launched online as part of We Want to Live: Our Water, Art & Climate Justice Movements workshop for COP26 United Nation’s Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

Artists’ Kitchen: Info Session & Support for Artists

December 4, 2021 & January 15, 2022

Meet with Sustaining All Life / United to End Racism artist leaders and peers to learn more about the project and be in community with other creative thinkers. Through listening exchanges and co-creating sessions, participants will have the opportunity to share ideas about their potential creative offering(s). Time and space will be made to ask questions. To accommodate multiple time zones, there are two sessions for each date. Everyone is welcome to participate in one or more of the sessions. Registration is required.

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