A community for water protectors, artists and activists who are strengthening our climate justice movements.

An initiatve of Sustaining All Life. *Tubig means water in Tagalog.

“55 Words”


10. I am the soul, the body that will rise, heal

9. Free from terror, trauma, looking upward, while I lay

8. Lay, look, dream, be. Stop, return back, that

7. Which was stolen, hijacked, marketed, built over

6. Bodies! Climate Justice is Racial Justice

5. Humans before money, profit, things

4. Live! Nature I breathe

3. Prepare to Win

2. To Live

1. Life

Angelia James

Charlotte NC USA — nearest ocean:  Southern Atlantic
African Heritage, Older Adult (50 and over)

About the artist

That I did not believe I had anything I wanted to say in my mind. When I was encouraged to do this excercise, “55 words”, I decided to try. This is the result. And I love, love , love, the result. Even if nobody else does, I do!

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