Emotional Burdens of Oppression and the Climate Crisis

>> COP27: 2022 U.N. Climate Change Conference, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, <<

Living with these realities—both the experiences of domination and subordination resulting from oppression, and the existential threat resulting from environmental degradation and the climate crisis—has left us with emotional burdens.

We humans came to this earth expecting a good world characterized by fairness, justice, and equity. Instead, we found a world filled with relationships of domination and subordination where our social identities were used to determine our access to the resources we needed to live fulfilling lives and where the earth and her resources were treated as a commodity to be exploited for other’s benefit and profit.

Unhealed emotional burdens interrupt our ability to develop and hold a vision and perspective that enables us to create effective solutions to the climate crisis. They interfere with our ability to develop the relationships that are needed to interrupt oppression and to take effective action in the world to appropriately address the climate crisis.

In this workshop, we create space and share a process for healing climate grief and releasing the emotional burdens that we carry as a result of oppression and the damage to the planet. As we do this work, it will free our courage, unleash our energy, and give us space to do the work that we want to do together to stop this climate emergency.


Monday, November 7, 2022

3.30pm – 5.30pm (Egypt)
Sustaining All Life, Green Zone, B45

in English, interpreted into French

All are welcome.
No registration required.

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