We Want to Live: Our Water, Art & Climate Justice Movements

>> Semana del Clima de las Naciones Unidas NYC, septiembre 2021 <<

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Ending the climate emergency that threatens all life on the planet requires masses of people coming together to put our creative minds in action towards climate solutions.

Artists and our art are powerful. We connect, communicate, inspire, mobilize and transform the world. Artists and our art play a critical role in the collective effort to build climate justice movements. As artists, climate activists and people who care about the present and future generations of our shared home on this planet, we need opportunities to share the impact of the climate crisis, including noticing our relationship to water. We need space and communities to celebrate our efforts, successes, defeats and fresh creative ways to end the climate emergency.

Sustaining All Life offers this workshop for us artists and people concerned about the climate crisis to recover from the impact of working in exploitative and oppressive systems – including the competition, limited resources and the marginality many of us face. With these tools and support, we can continue building a united force and making art that engages and moves us toward a sustainable world where we live in concert with each other and everything around us, a world with us in the center of our lives, communities and movements.

Join artists, activists, and people who care about our relationship to water as we share stories, make connections, engage in deep listening tools, co-create art and strengthen our climate justice movements.

Art production sessions and events organized by Sustaining All Life.

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martes 21 septiembre, 2021

12:00 pm – 2:00 pm (New York)
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm (GMT)

a inglés, interpretado en francés, con subtítulos a inglés


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